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What Is the Man Shot?

The Man Shot is a natural, nonsurgical sexual rejuvenation and enhancement procedure that has helped thousands of patients worldwide achieve enhanced sexual benefits for nearly a decade.

The Man Shot uses growth factors extracted from a sample of your blood to stimulate new tissue growth. The entire process is safe and natural.

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Facts vs Myths about Erectile Dysfunction

What Are the Benefits of the Man Shot?

The Man Shot offers patients multiple benefits:

  • It increases blood and nerve circulation to the penis, thereby providing a potential solution for erectile dysfunction (ED).
  • It improves the strength and intensity of orgasms.
  • It increases sexual stamina.
  • It boosts libido and penis sensitivity.
  • It is synergistic with testosterone therapy.
  • It provides a solution for male post prostate surgery.
  • It helps treat Peyronie’s disease (curved penis).
  • It offers a Medical solution for lichen sclerosis (plaque build-up).
  • It increases the appearance, length, and girth of the penis by up to 20%.

How Is The Man Shot Procedure Performed?

The Man Shot procedure is relatively quick and painless. First, the doctor applies a numbing cream and local anesthetic to the treatment area. Next, a sample of your blood is drawn and placed in a centrifuge, where it is spun for 10 minutes. Then, the doctor administers five separate injections – two along each side of the shaft of the penis and one in the head of the penis. Finally, the doctor places a penis pump for 10 minutes to ensure absorption in the treatment area.

Following the treatment, you will use a penis pump for 10 minutes twice a day for six weeks. This ensures maximum stimulation and helps the therapy be more effective. Some patients who undergo the Man Shot procedure experience immediate results. Others begin to see results within a few weeks and maximum benefits after three months.

Many patients achieve more favorable outcomes by combining Man Shot treatments with testosterone replacement therapy. You and your NIVA Men’s Health physician can discuss whether this option is beneficial for your specific situation.


I attended an educational workshop with my husband and it was a fantastic experience.I went into this thinking I couldn’t afford the treatment but I learned otherwise at the seminar and the consultation that the cost of losing out on quality of life far exceeds paying for this service.”


The providers at NIVA Men’s Health, have collected the following resources they recommend regarding men’s health and erectile dysfunction (ED):

Are You A Good Candidate for Man Shot Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction?

If you are an otherwise healthy male who is experiencing reduced sexual desire, decreased sensitivity, painful erections due to Peyronie’s disease, erection issues due to an enlarged prostate, or if you are simply looking to achieve stronger erections, you may be a good candidate for Man Shot treatment.

To learn more about the Man Shot and how it can help improve your sexual performance, contact the medical professionals at NIVA Men’s by requesting an appointment online, or signing up for a complimentary consultation now.