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Are you one of many men that would like to have a bigger or girthier penis without expensive surgeries or dreadful complications? Surveys reveal that 50% of men would prefer a lengthier or girthier penis. Luckily, the wait for a reliable treatment is over! P-Long® is the first clinically proven method that is effective in penile enlargement and enhancing your sexual experience. It is a combination of various clinically proven methods that effectively enlarge the penis and make it girthier. The best part is that it is safe and surgery-free!


P-Long® is an amalgam of various clinically tested and proven methods for penile growth and enhancement of sexual function. Clinically proven, P-Long® consists of a combination of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy and a nitric oxide booster, which work together to stimulate cell growth and promote increased blood flow to the erectile tissues. These two modalities are effective in treating erectile dysfunction, enhancing stamina, and even repairing damaged penile tissue.

In addition to PRP and nitric oxide, we add traction devices to the regimen. You can think of it as a muscle-building protocol. This protocol works by stretching and straining your penile tissue with a vacuum pump or traction device and repairing it with your body’s own growth factors through PRP. This method works alongside nitric oxide, which improves blood flow to the penile tissue and further enhances healing and growth. Combined, this protocol is effective for enhancing men’s health through a better penile look and function.


 There are several important advantages that P-Long® offers over conventional penile enlargement techniques. It offers real results like increased length, girth, and functionality, and is a totally safe set of procedures.

Firstly, it is a natural way of increasing penile length and girth. It is true that reconstructive surgery provides considerable and quick results, they are often short-lasting with many men requiring a revision surgery due to complications. With P-Long®, you get considerable results with no invasion of your penis. This protocol also has very few side effects that won’t lead you to the emergency room!

Secondly, P-Long® enhances sexual function. Platelet-rich plasma has multiple growth factors that enhance tissue growth and improves penile innervation (nerve supply) as well. This not only makes your erection stronger, but it also lets you have enhanced pleasure during your sexual activity.

Thirdly, it has the ability to repair damaged tissue. Many times, erectile dysfunction or decreased sexual pleasure is a result of damaged penile tissue. Luckily, this damage can be effectively repaired using P-Long®.

Lastly, it is a cheaper and more sustainable method for penile enlargement. Price is an important factor for many people. When compared to other modalities like surgical implants and cosmetic fillers, P-Long® is a more effective and long-lasting protocol that produces permanent penile enlargement and sexual enhancement.


I attended an educational workshop with my husband and it was a fantastic experience.I went into this thinking I couldn’t afford the treatment but I learned otherwise at the seminar and the consultation that the cost of losing out on quality of life far exceeds paying for this service.”


Due the safety profile of P-Long®, it is generally suitable for most men. Men who are in good general health and would like to have a longer and girthier penis, stronger erection, and improved stamina are good candidates for P-Long®. However, if you have a specific medical or surgical history, this protocol might not be suitable for you. These conditions may include cardiovascular disease and previous surgery, like penile augmentation surgery, or major surgery, such as heart surgery. To discuss if P-Long® is suitable for you, talk to one of our representatives.


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P-Long® in Roswell, GA

With the advent of a clinically proven and surgery-free protocol, penile enlargement and boosting men’s sexual health is safer and more effective than before. P-Long® offers a guaranteed increase in penile length, girth, and erection strength. If you want to learn more about P-Long® and how it can augment your sexual health, contact NIVA Men’ Health in Roswell, GA today by requesting an appointment online  or sign up for a complimentary consultation.